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the man behind the designs

Graphic Design, to me, is such a broad term used these days, and can mean so many things. People outside of the industry might not know what to expect or what kind of designer they are looking for. On one side of the spectrum you have the fine arts designers who excel at illustrations, and then the other end you have coders, industrial designers, and architectural designers. However, many designers have overlapping profeciencies in various categories. Frequently, I am starting to see employers and clients that want someone who can do everything, but the fact of the matter is that if you want something done correctly and up to standard, any one person isn’t going to have the proper set of skills or experience to be able to do you are looking for. Instead, what should be sought out is someone who has an aptitude to be able to come in and quickly learn your industry and pick up any knowledge they need to complete a task.

This is where I come in.

The best way to describe myself is that I have the heart of an artist, the mind of an engineer, and the aspirations of an entrepreneur. I was raised to love the arts and to solve problems. I have been working as a graphic designer, for nearly a decade, in many areas of the industry. I have worked as a freelance designer for clients of all sizes and industries, in print shops, not only designing, but completing the entire project through production and installtion, as a designer on retainer, and as a production designer for an original apparel manufacturer.

I am always seeking new challenges and love meeting and talking with new clients about their business and what it means to them. Being an entrepreneur myself, I take pride doing everything I can to make sure my clients’ businesses are going to succeed. If you are looking for someone who will go the extra mile for you and will take your business to the next level, I want to talk to you.

Vector Design

• Logo Design

• Branding and Identity

• Apparel Design

• Print and Web Asset Development

Raster Design

• Social Media Rescources

• Web Marketing and Ads

• Mockups and Visuals

• Photo Manipulation and Restoration

Print Design

• Branding Resources

• Business Card Design

• Packaging Design

• Layout for Print Products

Web Design

• Web Marketing Design

• Social Media Assets

• Banner Ads

• WordPress Design